What is the Brass Life?

The behind the scenes of a restaurant is a motley display, similar to the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show, circa 1972. Sure, it gets hectic at times with sharp objects flying along with sometimes-sharper insults, but we’re a different breed of blue collar. It starts at 6 AM and runs until 11 PM. You gotta have skin as thick as boot leather, willing to deal with every curve ball that Murphy’s law can throw your way. You also need brass balls, owning your space and getting shit done.

We are gonzo cuisine; the freak pirate ship in the sea of culinary splendor. We use quality, organic, hydroponic, and local farm raised products. I’m in the back making a lemon tart to the tune of Lamb of God. Nick’s flexing his operatic vocal chops while sautéing. Pete is adding the finishing touches to the eggplant rolls, a vegetarian staple, all the while explaining to the new guy what three Paul Malls can get you while hopping trains to Washington.

The Brass Kettle started because we wanted change. We were sick of working for restaurants that were out of touch with food, customers, and the growth. It would have been easy to have packed up and moved to a booming culinary town such as Minneapolis or Chicago, but we felt a calling to our hometown. We love our community and want to see it thrive.

Great food can happen anywhere there is the drive and passion to do so. Great food also isn’t just for the people with disposable income, it is all-inclusive. Our hamburgers are the best you will ever eat, and, from the french fries to the lettuce, everything is given care and respect.

Our secret ingredient is love. We feel our job is never done as chefs, stewards, and members of our community.